Hello. you probably came to this site because of my IEP profile. Well, guess what, i'm done with the IEP admins who keep bullying me and protect the ones who don't do any good. As of this, i'm quiiting IEP until i get unbanned.
in this page you will get updates of me trying to get unbanned.

21.09.2020 - 1 year of me in the IEP wiki
Ahh, still banned for at least 3 months and Liggliluff still doesnt unban me. Why?
Because he thinks I'm fucking rude and he doesnt let me in even though i am not
rude. If this admin keeps bullying me like this i may leave the IEP for good. For now,
thanks to everyone who supported me for 1 year. Thanks to everyone!!!! -AlbanianTelevisioner

04.10.2020 - Unbanned on I.E.P wiki for no reason?
For some reason i looked at my profile today and i was unbanned!?!?!?
I dont fucking know why but i included this site in my profile so people can know
about the behavior of ligg and his fucking other people who protect him.
ligg is a fucking fool whose admin should be removed. he can't ban all of the
people that he wants to just because they did a fucking joke. if you're reading
this ligg, i hope you understand that you abuse your powers a lot and use a bot
to get the highest number of edits. I think that you should ask someone to get
your admin role removed cause you arent important to anyone if you are going to mean.
Thanks to everyone for understanding. -AlbanianTelevisioner

16.10.2020 - Less than 2 months left!
Less than 2 months left and i'll finally get unbanned!!!! Surely
no one will care about it but yeah i just want to remind everyone about it.
I've also added a counter on the bottom of the page to know as to how many people
are visiting my site (surely i won't just waste my time writing this, i want
to know if people care) so look at it if you want. -AlbanianTelevisioner
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